Uniqueness of Yoshino Sugi / Hinoki

~Yoshino Sugi/Hinoki~

Chopsticks that are kind to people and nature

Making to environment

Yoshino has been known for top quality cedar trees since the Muromachi era, and is one of the top three most beautiful man-made forest lands in Japan. Distinct features of Yoshino Sugi are having no knots, very fine tree rings and long grain, making them ideal for building materials.

Our Yoshino Sugi chopsticks are made from the remnants of wood that is left after being processed in the lumber mill. We want to prevent the loss of trees due to chopstick manufacturing and lessen the environmental burden of using raw materials, effectively making our product environmentally friendly.

We are devoted to making good quality chopsticks in that we choose natural materials all the while keeping in consideration the use, shape, and fragrance of our product. It is with this theme in mind that we at Sakaguchi Shoten continue to devote our time in making the best chopsticks.

TENSOGE Chopsticks
(Chopsticks shaved to an angle at the top end)

After Yoshino Sugi and Hinoki are logged, the center wood is used for building materials while the outer wood is used for manufacturing chopsticks.

Chopstick Manufacturing Process ①

Hinoki Tensoge Chopsticks

Outer layer, Hinoki

Cutting the wood

Steaming the wood

Smoothing the cut wood

Shaving the flat sides

Cutting into slabs


Pressing the slabs into chopsticks

Aligning the chopsticks


Edging the heads and tips


Sorting for delivery

Chopstick Manufacturing Process ②

Sugi Tensoge Chopsticks


Cutting wood pieces into chopstick length

Sugi Slabs

Material made by the cutting process


Smoothing down the wood surface

Cutting width

Cutting the board into the proper thickness for chopsticks


Cutting down the sides


Smoothing all sides


Forming the chopsticks



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