Examples of use

Japanese Cuisine

Traditional Japanese cuisine is very colorful and delicate, thus calling special attention to the chopsticks.
We recommend the RANCHU chopsticks, which are made of Red Cedar. They have an elegant shape and are easy to hold. These chopsticks are best for showing hospitality toward customers, making sure your sincerity reaches all the way to their fingertips.

Japanese Style Wedding Reception

At wedding receptions MARU BASHI (round chopsticks), are preferred to WARI BASHI (splittable chopsticks) as the Japanese word "wari" translates to "split" or "divide" which is an unwelcome sentiment at such an event as a wedding. Pentagon or hexagon sided chopsticks are also common as to minimize the noise of them rolling across surfaces. OBIMAKI chopsticks, sets rounded by paper wrap with a print of the family name or crest is also a popular choice. Please contact us for further details regarding paper wraps on chopsticks.

Western Cuisine

Western cuisine with chopsticks is no longer a mismatch; they are now widely used and well-liked in Western cuisine.
For example cutting a hamburger steak with chopsticks makes a different cut than one made by a knife. These differences can make the meal more enjoyable. Please consider refreshing the same old menu by introducing new cutlery and in turn a new dining experience.

Chinese Dining

Longer chopsticks are a preferred choice in Chinese dining which is usually enjoyed with a large group. Chopsticks for oil-rich foods also need to have excellent hold to stop the food from slipping. Please choose our chopsticks made for Chinese dining if you would like to have your patrons fully enjoy their food without constraint.

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